An Overview of PsychPics


Hello, and welcome to my blog!

I am Chau Huynh (aka Serene), a fresh graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from James Cook University (Singapore), currently seeking employment in the areas of special education and/or child psychology in Vietnam.

This blog was conceived as part of my portfolio for job hunting in my final year at school, and developed following my graduation as an attempt to revise my psychological knowledge systematically and to remain active in extensive knowledge accumulation.

In the course of building the blog content, I came to notice the utility of graphical methods for representing information – namely, tables, charts, illustrations, and diagrams, and decided to make these visual elements a substantial part of my entry compositions beside simple texts. There emerged the title of PsychPics. I hope to, through the visual language, make the elaborate matters of psychology more accessible to readers who are not familiar with the field, while at the same time striving to maintain their essential intricacy.

Textual content in PsychPics is synthesized from various accredited sources, most of which are scientific journal articles, listed in a reference file attached at the end of each entry. Visual content is made of illustrations, graphs and infographics designed by myself. You may learn more about these aspects in the sections Blog Content, Blog Structure, and Copyright.

I look forward to all your honest, knowledge-oriented feedback for my coming entries. May you find from PsychPics something interesting, helpful and perhaps, beautiful to know about.




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