Blog Content


1. Textual content

Textual content in PsychPics is synthesized from various accredited sources, which are listed in a reference file attached at the end of each entry.

2. Visual content: 

The visual content used in PsychPics include a wide range of configurations. Following are the types I have published, and the list still continues.

    • Timelines: summarizing the historical development of an area in psychology, such as behavioral psychology.
    • Concept maps: summarizing the key points of a section in psychology, such as methods and applications in behavioral psychology.
    • Illustrations: depicting empirical studies, such as the Pavlov’s experiment with dogs.
    • Diagrams: illustrating concepts and relations between concepts, such as the mechanism of human development.
    • Tables: displaying and comparing data or theories, such as comparisons between cognitive perspective in developmental psychology.
    • Charts: displaying and comparing data.

All the images published in PsychPics – except for those used in the Inspirations Section – are drawn by myself. Please refer to the Copyright section for the use and distribution of them.



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